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Munroe's Soft Plastics

MSP 2.5" Grub

MSP 2.5" Grub

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10 Grubs per Pack

A 2.5" Grub with a longer body with a unique tail section that creates a disturbance as the lure works slowly down the water column
Many have commented on this feature as a "Sacrificial Diskette" and has allowed the grub to be used many times afterwards where unwanted species could have completely removed the tail section if it wasn't for this innovative feature 
Ideal for Bays, Estuaries, Lakes & Rivers
Snapper, Flathead, Jewfish & your Freshwater Species 

# UV Motor Oil , UV Wattle & 2Stroke are bleeding colours. Please keep these in it's original Zip Seal Packaging or kept separate in your tackle tray

Australian Made Product

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