About Us



  Where We Started Off

MSP or Munroe’s as it is known today started off in 2013.
Based in Melbourne Australia ,we started small, with only a couple of open hand pour molds. The aim of making soft plastics was to keep the cost of our fishing adventures down and was a whole lot of fun in the process. There is nothing more satisfying than catching fish on your very own home made lure.

Producing Quality Australian Made Soft Plastics

Taking a greater interest in the crafting of Soft Plastics, Injection molds were sourced and with color manipulation, we started to produce some of the most Natural appearing colors resembling Bait fish and other food sources in Australian waters. Always keeping the rule of "Matching the Hatch" in mind.
Our most successful and very first lure profiles in production were the 4" CurlTail and ZipTail Worms and still to this day, they continue to be our top sellers. They have been considered to be the top authority for targeting our Port Philip Bay Snapper and Flathead. Being highly effective in estuaries and lake systems, they have attracted so much interest right along the East Coast of Australia.
Over the years, we have refined our production process by sourcing industry grade materials direct from the manufacturers, buying in bulk thus removing the middleman (re-sellers) in order to keep purchasing and shipping costs down to a minimum and passing these savings onto our Customers.
Along with this, all our plastisols are degassed on site, and once our lures are out of the molds, they are hung cured to achieve their optimal strength and quality. Finally, all lures are carefully packaged in Laminated Worm Proof retail bags.
To ensure a perfect swim each time, our PaddleTails are packaged in clamshell trays to prevent those unwanted crimps and warping

 You can also store your Munroes in your own Worm Proof tackle trays without the worry of any deterioration. 
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