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About Us

A passionate soft plastics angler for a number of years, I was always seeking natural colors that were consistent to the food source my target species were taking.


Finding natural colours and characteristics can be overwhelming with the abundance of lures on today's market.The advantage of having lure colours that imitates as closely as possible to what your target is feeding on can be the difference between a solid hookup or a missed opportunity


      Munroe's Soft Plastics

started out by producing colours that proved to be successful in the local waters of Port Phillip Bay Victoria. With the help from our Field Staff , different colours are experimented with and used extensively from South Gippsland to the NSW South Coast with some excellent results. The success continues with new colours and profiles being added to the Munroe's range giving the Aussie soft plastics angler a wide selection of Lure Profiles and Colours that will catch fish along with the durability and strength to keep catching.

Munroe's Soft Plastics are produced locally in Melbourne and shipped Australia wide

Using industry standard injection molds and quality materials, MSP produces a slightly scented soft plastic which allows the user to add their favorite scent to enhance the overall performance

They can be stored in their original Laminated Snap Seal Pack, or can be kept loose in a tackle tray case along with all of your other favorite MSP Soft Plastics without fear of deterioration