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ZipTail Worm


10 Worms per Pack


This 4" Worm profile has a solid tapered body section which allows a greater chance of staying intact on the jighead during hooksets. Producing more fish per Lure. Concentrated ribbed outer for greater water displacement and sonic vibrations with a curled Tail keeping to the same contours of the profile. 

Very little work is required to get the attention and response of whatever you throw this lure at.

Slow rolling or slight hopping, even a slight jiggle will get an instant response as it flutters past your target

Optimal Jighead sizes

1/0 - 3/0 size  with weights varying on depth and tidal movement.

Buoyant plastisols used in all Munroe's Lures means that our Tails will be slightly raised in the zone as it rests. Even using with conventional round or ideally Worm Nose Profile Jigheads.

A brilliant lure to tie onto a weedless Jig and casting into heavy timber or weed cover

Sandworm ZipTail rigged to a Jigman 5/16oz 2/0 Worm Nose Jighead 

  Extremely versatile in Estuary Systems,Bays and Lakes 

A highly considered and recommended addition to your arsenal of Soft Plastic Lures

# UV Motor Oil is a bleeding colour. You can keep these in it's original Ziplock Seal Packaging or must be kept separate in your tackle tray 

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