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As close as the Real Thing !

The MSP PaddleTail with it's tapered keeled tail will keep the lure swimming naturally without spiralling or twisting making this lure an excellent candidate for slowly rolling on the sand flats and drop offs or working it quite aggressively to imitate a darting bait fish

Available in 3 sizes, 2.75" with 10 pieces, 3.75" with 6 pieces per pack and the larger 5" version contains 5 lures per pack

 4 new contrasting colours with Smelt, BlackGold, Midnight Orange and the recent addition, Glass Monkey along with 5 long standing proven Natural Colors there, is a colour to suit virtually all fishing conditions and target species Freshwater and Salt

New to the range, UV enhanced SubZero and UV FoolsGold

Perfect baitfish imitation. Must have lure for any Estuary fishing

Excellent for Estuaries, River, Bay and Reef Fishing

Flathead, Bream, Mulloway , Snapper and Many More




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