CurlTail Worm – Munroe's Soft Plastics

CurlTail Worm


10 Worms per Pack


Worm Profile Soft Plastics are becoming popular among the Lure Fishers around Australia

MSP CurlTail Worms and ZipTail Worms exhibit a much more life like resemblance to a live worm thanks to the buoyant materials used in All MSP lures
As the lure drops the Curl tail gives these worms an excellent action that attracts the attention of many species
 With slight hopping actions imparted by the Angler, the tail creates an attraction while remaining raised and flutters on the rest
   A great Worm for Australian estuaries and bays
An ideal choice for Bream and Flathead. Excellent for Snapper, Trevally and Salmon
Productive for freshwater species

# UV Motor Oil is a bleeding color. You can keep these in it's original Zip Seal Packaging or kept separate in your tackle tray


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